Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Still painting bits for the shop.

Morning all. from a gorgeous sunny Ipswich...

Been spending the last few wks getting prepared to have my items in a shop, also preparing for a craft fair, all go.
My desk is covered in Owls, Hearts, Footballs, Teachers Pencils, you name it i am doing it, got sore fingers to prove it lol.
My engraver decided to stop on me yesterday so another has been ordered, no engraving untill it arrives, not a bad thing as it will give me a chance to get everything basecoated.

I have made some wands for the girls.

And some Team footballs for the boys.

Also available now over at my Face Book page are the Teachers Wooden Pencils, these were so popular last year, painted loads of them.

Any color and desgin can be done.

PLEASE CONTACT ME, via my Face Book page. All orders can be placed there.


Enjoy the sun if you have any, i am now off to see my mum for her birthday. xxxxxx

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